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Óscar Sánchez Rueda

Cloud Engineer

About me

Cloud specialist with 4+ years of professional experience in ETL processes, process automation and data visualisation. Worked with a wide variety of Google Cloud Platform services regarding data extraction, storage and data analysis (Cloud Functions, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, BigQuery)

Basic knowledge of AWS core services (s3, Athena, Redshift, Route 53)

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4+ years of experience

Graduated in Telecommun. engineering

Spanish (native) and English (C1)

Basketball coach and referee

Companies I have worked for:

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Head of Data & Cloud

Ego Cogito

Jan 22 – Present

In January 2022, the company built its IT team and I took full control of it (from recruiting and training its members to managing budgets and communication with partners)



Senior Data & Cloud Engineer

Ego Cogito

Mar 21 – Jan 22

In my second phase in the company, I had to maintain old cloud workloads hosted in AWS and continue developing new features to automate several kind of tasks. Among those features, we should remark the following:
a) Massive conversion uploading system maintenance and migration
b) Productive Airflow instance with more than 25 different DAGS for different reporting purposes
c) API design to provide external customers with internal valuable data
All developments and automation features led to an exponentially-raised company profit in the 21/22 fiscal year, becoming the most profitable year ever



Data & Cloud Engineer

Ego Cogito

Oct 20 – Mar 21

During my first 6 months, I was assigned two major features:
a) Cloud-based daily performance report: consisting on automating several long, hand-made tasks. I was given a GCP project and started learning about the required services such as Cloud Storage or Bigquery.
This automation led to an important labor hours and costs reduction (more than 30k€/year)
b) Internal optimization app: web full-stack development hosted in GCP Compute Engine. I had to build the front-end (coded in Vue.js) and take control of the back-end (python + MongoDB) once the external consultant who coded it left



Full Stack Engineer

Boston Consulting Group

Jul 19 – Oct 20

I was part of a team in charge of designing and coding a software solution (coded in Python) to simulate the monthly production planning of the client
At the beginning, I worked for the back-end team, coding new features or fixing/improving existing ones
Then, after 5 months I traveled to India to work hand in hand with the client for a couple of months
And in my last phase, I was in charge of the front-end user interface (coded in Vue.js)
This Python solution allowed our client to outstandingly optimize costs and deliveries



IT Consultant

Management Solutions

Sep 18 – Jul 19

I was in charge of our client’s data analysis and ontology categorization. The purpose of this task was to build a new data warehouse with clear and organized data
Furthermore, I began to work in an internal project where I had to design and code (in React.js) a demo version for the new HR web interface of the company


IT intern

NTT Data

Jan 18 – Jun 18

During my internship, I learned how to analyze data and create dashboards and KPI charts using MicroStrategy
In addition, I was also taught ETL processes and SQL queries


Bacherlor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)


I graduated in July 2018 with a GPA of 7.5 out of 10


Here you may find a list of my different Skills, ordered by my knowledge level





Code Versioning



Docker and Docker-compose
Gitlab CI/CD

Google Cloud Platform

Bigquery + Storage
Cloud Scheduler + Cloud Functions
App Engine + Datastore
Compute Engine
Pub/Sub + Cloud Tasks


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